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  •  What's Going On in English Class?

    Each day we will spend 20 minutes at the beginning of class free-reading.  Most days, students may read their choice of novels, magazines or newspapers.  However, on occasion, articles or short stories may be assigned as topics become relevant to school and/or current events.



    The English 1 final will be given in June.  The exam counts as 20% of your final grade for the class, so it's like MP5.

    The exam contains:

    • a reading passages with corresponding multiple choice questions to answer
    • Multiple choice questions about Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare
    • A Task 4 essay (Critical lens:  A quote will be given to you that you must interpret and relate 2 pieces of literature to.  You also must use appropriate literary elements to support your opinion...theme, conflict, setting, characterization etc.)

    How do I study for the final?

    Look over your OMM and R & J study guides, quizzes and tests.  Use your review notes and your practice critical lens essays.  Make sure that you are in class and paying attention while we are reviewing!!!