For new students:

    MasterMinds is a Quiz type game where students ring in and answer questions in a plethora of academic areas. A well rounded team has players with expertise in a variety of different topics including sports, biology, chemistry, physics, literature, history, current events and pop culture. MasterMinds competes with other regional schools about 6 times a year and meets for a weekly practice from October to March.

    I am looking forward to the 2018-19 school year. The schedule will be as follows:

    Practices every Thursday in room 317


    Thursday November 1@ WSE

    Thursday December 13 @ East Aurora

    Thursday January 10 @ WSW 

    Thursday January 31 @ Iroquois    

    Thursday February 28 @ OP

    Thursday March 21 @ TBA



    If you are a new student that is interested stop by room 317 and get details from Mr. Zielinski.

    Visit and Bookmark the MasterMinds Homepage:

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    Or go directly to WSE League stats and info: