English IV

  • Hello Seniors!!!

    If you've come to this page looking for guidance on what senior English will be, you've come to the right place.

    First off, especially for those of you who have had me as a teacher in previous years, just know that this year--your FINAL year--will be different from our classes of years past.  It is quite a writing-intensive year which will require you to take the initiative in a lot of our discussions, activities, and so forth.  If any of you were in my Public Speaking class, this year will be similar to that, however, in an English format and setting.  You're less than a year from leaving the safest comfort zone you know--it's about time we start reading and writing about and discussing things that truly matter. 

    Below are our critical web sites for the year:

    The English Ning:    http://fourwest13.ning.com/

    Teacher Blog:        http://e4hartz.wordpress.com/

    As of now, these links/pages are currently under construction but will be up and running during the first week of school.  AND--not to worry, I will demonstrate to all of you how we're conducting this year's class with respect to these websites.  Don't panic.  In the meantime, enjoy the weekend.....before the countdown begins!!!  ; )


    Mr. Hartz