Public Speaking

  • Hello Speakers!

    Did you have a good summer?  I hope so!

    Look, very few people enjoy getting in front of their peers to speak, am I right?  Just know that YOU'RE NOT ALONE!  In spite of what people may project about themselves in public, inside, I assure you, FEAR is coursing through their system when it comes to public speaking.  With this in mind, RELAX!--you got great company!  What better forum to learn about each other than in a class where we share ideas, fears, anxieties, concerns, successes, failures, hopes, dreams, goals, and great stories? 

    The fear of "what people will think of me," especially with young people, is such an obstacle--a hindrance--to the potential simmering within all of us just waiting to boil.  Guess what?  There is no secret formula, no magic trick, no lifeline to call.  You simply have to TAKE A RISK!  We learn SO MUCH about ourselves when we take risks.  If we never take a risk, we will never know the true potential we could possibly achieve.  

    However, I have not taught public speaking since the 13-14 school year but that DOES NOT MEAN I just leave it out completely.  I infuse a little bit of it in my general English classes to give students a taste.