Antonio Vivaldi

  • Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice Italy on March 4, 1678.  He died there on July 28, 1741.  Vivaldi was the son of a famous concert violinist.  in 1703 Vivaldi became an ordained Priest.  However he did not remain a Priest due to health reasons.

    Vivaldi wrote many types of music including many pieces for violin and other orchestral instruments.  He also wrote keyboard and vocal music including opera.  Vivaldi is most famous for writing Concertos.  Concertos are pieces that have a solo instrument along with an orchestra.

    One of Vivaldi's well known pieces is called The Four Seasons. One of my favorite movements is Autumn.  Another movement that has been used on commercials that you may have heard before is Winter.  As you listen to these two movements try to interpret how each one represents and makes you feel the seasons.  Imagine an image or story to go along with each movement that represents something you might see in Autumn or Winter.  We will discuss musical elements of the pieces after we listen.