Mr. Hart's Requirements - Please read carefully.


    ONLY pencil may be used on labs.

    • No lab will be accepted with pen or marker.
    • Any errors must be erased and fixed...not crossed out.


    Labs must be neat & complete.

    • All pages must be stapled in proper order.
    • Incomplete sections will receive a double penalty.
    • Labs with incomplete vocabulary will not be accepted.
    • All handwriting must be clearly legible.
    • If a student cannot write legibly they must use a word processor to write up their lab.


    Complete Sentences

    • Lab Discussion Questions must be written in full and complete sentences.
    • High School Students must learn how to communicate clearly and effectively using the written language.


    The Golden Rule...Read your answer.
    The question being asked must be clearly understood just by reading your answer.


    What color is the sky?
    unacceptable answers:
    Its blue.
    The color is blue.
    acceptable answer:
    The color of the sky is blue.

    Students must pass all labs.


    Passing/Corrected Labs will be kept on file.

    • NY State may require the district to send all labs to Albany to verify compliance of the Lab requirement.
    • Passing labs (65% or higher) will be stored on file in a student lab folder kept at the school.
    • A completely corrected lab (less than 65%) will receive an "R" grade indicating that it meets the NY State Lab requirement and then be stored on file.
    • See Lab Corrections Page.