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    Camille Saint Saens was born in Paris France on October 9th, 1835.  He began playing the piano at age three.  He could also already read and write and therefore began composing music.  At age 5 he gave his first concert. 
    At age 13 he became an organ student and learned to play the organ extremely well.  And at age 16 Saint-Saens wrote his first symphony!

    Saint-Saens is one of the most famous French composers.  He was known for being one of the first composers to write music especially for the cinema. Saint-Saens visited the United States in 1906.  He died on December 16, 1921 in Algeria.




    Saint-Saens composed a very well known piece called "The Carnival of the Animals" in which two pianos and orchestra play music to describe the lion, rooster, mules, elephant, tortoise and others.  This is a favorite piece among children.


    I like to teach about Saint-Saens in October because of another famous piece called "Danse Macabre", the dance of the dead. In this piece the music describes ghosts, skeletons and witches doing a dance in the cemetery at midnight.

Camille Saint Saens