VOCAB 01 - Latitude & Longitude

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    VOCAB 01 - Latitude & Longitude

    1.) Geographic Poles:
    The two places on Earth (North & South Poles) where all of the Earth rotates around
    (different from the magnetic poles).

    2.) Earth's Axis of Rotation: An imaginary stick from the North Pole, through the center of the Earth & back out the South Pole. The entire Earth rotates around this imaginary stick.


    *Marks the GEOGRAPHIC North & South Poles
    *Axis is tilted
    23.5° to it's plane of revolution

    3.) Latitude (a.k.a. parallels): Imaginary lines that run  West to East but measure position North or South of the Equator

    a.) Equator:
    The starting parallel (0° latitude line) that divides the earth into a northern & southern hemisphere (half sphere).

    b.) Tropic of Cancer:
    The parallel
    23.5° North of 0° (equator) where the sun is directly overhead (zenith) at noon only on June 21st.

    c.) Arctic Circle:
    The parallel 66.5° North of 0° (equator)...or
    23.5° South of 90° (North Pole)

    d.) Tropic of Capricorn:
    The parallel 23.5° South of the equator and where the sun is directly overhead (zenith) at noon only on December 21st.

    e.) Antarctic Circle:
    The parallel 66.5° South of 0° (equator)...or
    23.5° North of 90° (North Pole)



    *Two sets...
      -one from the Equator (0°) to the North Pole (90°N)
      -one from the Equator (
    ) to the South Pole (90°S)

    *Each Latitude is PARALLEL to every other Latitude
      -therefore they NEVER touch or cross
      -when drawn they make concentric circles

    *West Seneca is located about 43°N of the Equator

    Diagram Latitude:


    4.) Longitude (a.k.a. meridians): Imaginary lines "hanging" from the North Pole to the South Pole

    a.) Prime Meridian:
    The starting meridian (
    0° longitude line) that divides the earth into a western & eastern hemisphere.

    b.) International Date Line (a.k.a. IDL):
    The ending meridian (
    180° longitude line) where if you travel across it...the date changes by one day.


    *Two sets...
      -one set WEST of the Prime Meridian (0°) to the IDL (180°)
      -one set EAST of the Prime Meridian (0°) to the IDL (180°)
    *Each meridian CONVERGES on the North & South Poles
    *Each meridian is FURTHEST apart as they bisect the Equator
    *West Seneca is located about 79°W of the Prime Meridian
    *the Prime Meridian goes through the city of Greenwich (in England)...very near London.
    *if you cross the IDL going East you set the date back
    *if you cross the IDL going West you set the date forward

    *parts of the IDL has been "moved" off the 180
    ° meridian to go around cities to simplify life for people in the area

    Diagram Longitude: