Allendale Concerts & Music Events

  •  *Allendale Elementary Concerts are held in our Allendale Auditorium

    Please do not arrive more than 1/2 hour before your child's performance time, as the doors will be locked and there is no supervision.

     Please be considerate of others when determining how many seats you need, in general there are only 4 - 5 seats per family available and the performances should be for immediate family.

    Please carpool to help with parking.


    5th Grade Winter Concert - Thursday January 17th 6:00 pm

    (5th grade Chorus, Band, and Orchestra)


    Spring Concert - Thursday May 15th

    6:00 pm (4th & 5th Orchestra, and 4th Grade Chorus Club)

    7:00 pm (4th & 5th Band, and 4th Grade Chorus Club)



    GO WEST! 5th Grade MUSICAL-  Thursday May 23rd  6:00 pm

    ** Throughout the year letters containing information about all performances will be sent home with students at least once month prior to the events! **

    THIS YEAR's Performances for other grades includes:
    Kindergarten Celebration - June
    First Grade - Twas the Night Before Christmas - December
    Second Grade - Flag Day - June
    Third Grade - Recorder Recital - March