Meet Mrs. Creech

  • Hello - I am Mrs. Creech!  I teach music at Allendale Elementary School in West Seneca.  I REALLY ENJOY teaching MUSIC! 

    I LOVE to SING!  I am a soprano, which means I can sing high notes.  I like to sing alto too though, it is fun to sing harmony!  I have sung in many choruses and also sing solos.  I like to play piano too.  I started taking piano lessons when I was in third grade.  Now I teach piano lessons.  When I was in school I also learned to play the flute and guitar.

    My husband, Mr. Creech, is also a music teacher.  He teaches in the Lake Shore School District.  Mr. Creech is also a very good singer and plays guitar and mandolin.

    I have three children, Sean, Collin, and Mihret.  We also have pets-  We have two BIG Newfoundland dogs named Brutus the Brown, and Ursa Major, and two cats named "Josie" and "Jerry". We also have two leopard geckos named "Dot" and "Lemon".  Finally we have a fish tank with lots of fresh water fish. It's a busy, and sometime messy house.