Mrs. Welgoss

    Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to earn extra credit. This will be the only way to earn extra credit. So, be sure to take advantage of it! Here are the guidelines that you must follow to get full credit:

    1. Select an article from a newspaper, magazine, or the Internet that relates to Social Studies. I will not give credit to articles that do not relate to Social Studies. (Therefore, you may want to see me if you have questions about your chosen article before completing the next 4 steps.)

    2. Read the article thoroughly.

    3. Write a one page summary of the article. Include the following in your summary: (a) what the article is about; (b) what the article tells you about what is going on in the world; (c) why the subject of this article is important in the world; and (d) how the subject matter of the article has an impact on you.

    4. Type your summary of the article and attach it to the article. Be sure to have your name, date, and source of the article on your typed summary page.

    5. Hand it in to me one week prior to the closing of grades. Although, you may hand in articles throughout the whole quarter. I will keep track of how many you submit.

    For every 4 articles, you will receive 1 point on your final quarter average. The maximum number of points that you can receive is 2 per quarter. There are a lot of interesting events that occurring each day, so have fun with it!