Enriched Economics

  • Enriched Economics   

    Course Overview/Description 

    The study of economics in grade 12 will provide students with the economic knowledge and skills that enable them to function as informed and economically literate citizens in our society and in the world.  The course is designed to emphasize rational decision-making, and encourage students to become wiser consumers as well as better citizens.  Appropriate instructional materials have been selected, and meaningful learning strategies will be used. 

    Course Goals

    * To provide students with a forum in which to explore the study of economics.

    * To acquaint students with economic systems and approaches throughout the world and in our own nation.

    * To teach students to apply concepts and methods to the analysis of real world situations.

    * To reveal the impact and importance of fiscal responsibility as it relates to the individual and the world as a whole.


    Course Objectives

    1. Students will use reading, writing, and listening skills to explore the curriculum selections.

    2. Students will apply their critical thinking skills to analyze, critique, and discuss or debate given topics.

    3. Students will engage in activities that reinforce learned knowledge in a manner that is meaningful to their individual learning style(s).

    4. Students will complete several projects related to the curriculum being explored.

    5. Students will use evaluation techniques on themselves, peers, and the groups in which they are working.


    Course Evaluation

    1. Each day, students will be required to maintain their assigned organizational system.  They will record information about economics in an engaging way.  As a new idea is learned, students will use several types of writing and innovative graphic organizing techniques to learn the material.  Once per quarter, their organizational system will be collected and graded.


    2. Each quarter, students will be given at least two unit tests.  They will also be given chapter quizzes on a regular basis.  In addition to these assessment tools, their projects, homework, and class work will be graded.  Throughout the course, students will engage in presentations and debates.  They will be required to prepare reports and complete projects.  All of these tasks will be graded as well.


    3. Most importantly, students will be graded on their active participation in class.  Their enthusiasm and engagement is key to their success.  It is through their responses and interaction that their growth is truly assessed.


    4. Students will be given the opportunity to complete extra credit (see current events handout distributed to students).  As noted on the handout, four current events articles and summaries will equal one point on the students’ quarter average.  Students will be allowed to complete a maximum of 8 current events articles, for a maximum of 2 points on their quarter average. 


    5. Lastly, students will take a final examination upon the completion of the semester.  The final exam is worth 20% of their final grade.



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