Global Studies I

  • Global Studies Global Studies I   

    Course Overview/Description

    This course allows students to explore Part I of the history of the world. During their sophomore year, students will explore Part II. Within this course, students will be given tools with which to make connections between the rest of the world and their everyday lives. In Global Studies I, students will be taken from the earliest civilizations to absolute rule in Europe. In the midst of their journey, they will learn about great empires of the world like Ancient Greece, Rome, China, Africa, and the Americas. As they engage in this experience, they will explore the geography of these regions, the characteristics of the particular civilizations, the great leadership of these civilizations, the contributions of these civilizations to the rest of the world, and the manner in which these civilizations continue to thrive or have fallen. Students will also discover the achievement of the Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation, the Age of Exploration, the Global Age, and the Age of Absolutism.

    Course Goals

    • To provide students with a forum in which to explore the history of the world.
    • To acquaint students with various cultures and customs.
    • To teach students to examine historical issues and engage in discussion and debate.
    • To reveal the connections which exist between world history and students’ lives today.

    Course Objectives

    1. Students will use reading, writing, and listening skills to explore the curriculum selections.
    2. Students will apply their critical thinking skills to analyze, critique, and discuss or debate given topics.
    3. Students will engage in interactive notebook activities that reinforce learned knowledge in a manner that is meaningful to their individual learning style(s).
    4. Students will complete several projects related to the curriculum being explored.
    5. Students will use evaluation techniques on personal (self), peer, and group work.

    Course Evaluation

    1. Every day, students will be required to use their interactive notebook organizational system. The interactive notebook allows students to record information about history in an engaging way. As a new idea is learned, students will use several types of writing and innovative graphic organizing techniques to learn the material. Once per quarter, students’ interactive notebooks will be graded.

    2. Each quarter, students will be given at least two unit or chapter tests. They will also be given quizzes on a regular basis. In addition to these assessment tools, their projects, homework, and class work will be graded. Throughout the course, students will engage in presentations and projects. They will be required to prepare reports and complete projects. All of these tasks will be graded.

    3. Most importantly, students will be graded on their active participation in class. Their enthusiasm and engagement is key to their success. It is through their responses and interaction that their growth is truly assessed.

    4. Students will be given the opportunity to complete extra credit (see current events handout given to students). As noted on the handout, four current events articles and summaries will equal one point on the students’ quarter average. Students will be allowed to complete a maximum of 8 current events articles, for a maximum of 2 points on their quarter average.

    5. Lastly, students will take a local final examination upon the completion of the course. The local final exam is worth 20% of their final grade.

    You will need to purchase the following school supplies for Mrs. Welgoss's Global Studies I class: 

    1. 1, Five-Subject notebook WITH three-ring holes
    2. 1 package of 5 dividers with tabs
    3. 1, two-inch binder (five-subject notebook will be kept inside binder)
    4. 2 large glue sticks (to be kept on student for personal use)
    5. Markers and colored pencils (to be kept on students for personal use)
    6. Pens & pencils (to be kept on student for personal use)

    I will set up your binder and notebook with you during class time.  Therefore, be sure to have all of your supplies with you as the year starts!  


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