College Board labs and supplemental material

  • Students will have access to various items on this page.  This includes:

    • Equations and Formulas (Appendix A)
    • Constructing Line Graphs (Appendix B)
    • Select AP labs

    1. Students will be issued one copy of the Equations and Formulas.   Students will receive a clean copy of this with every test or quiz.  If they have misplaced their copy they will need to download another on their own.
    2. Students are to use the link to Constructing Line Graphs as a reference when graphing.  They may download their own copy if they wish but this is not required.
    3. Select AP labs.  These labs are written by the college board and may be used in lieu of the previous version. Students may be required to use some of these labs in their entirety, some partially and some may not be used at all.  There may be several instances where previous AP labs or alternative labs will be used instead.
    Students will be responsible for preparing themselves for lab by downloading certain labs and preparing the specified sections when instructed by their teacher.

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