AP Biology

  • Advanced Placement Biology is a college level course offered to high school students. The course follows the guidelines set by the college board. Students should expect nightly homework ( approx. 40 - 60 min), including weekends. Students will be expected to read all assigned chapters in the text, complete all written work including lab work and essays. Academic standards are set at a collegiate level.

    Text book: Biology, Neil Campbell 10th ed.

    Review Book: (STRONGLY Recommended, but new titles are not yet available)

    College Board web site: www.apcentral.collegeboard.com

                                                           Students Supply List :

    1. 3 ring binder- 3 inch is preferred  (you will probably fill 1 if not 2   3 inch binders if you take the proper notes!)    

    *** some students prefer to use a spiral notebook.  5 subject spiral is suggested
    2. paper
    3. pen / pencil
    4. highlighter
    5. colored pencils