Studio in Art

  • Mr. Jason Perna

    677-3350 ext. 4152



    Course Description


    Studio in Art is a full year, one credit course that allows you to study Art Appreciation, The Production of Art, Critical Analysis of Art, and Art History. This course provides a survey of methods and techniques used to create a broad variety of works both two and three-dimensional


    We’ll discuss many traditional as well as new themes, ideas, and concepts in the visual arts and how they relate to cultures.


    We’ll Study the people who make art and artifacts, why they made them, and the process in which they made them. We’ll also produce pieces in response to them using many different types of media. 


    We'll talk about whether objects are “art” or not and discuss if it's good art as well as who or what criteria makes an "artist".


    We'll look at art, discuss it, and criticize it.  We'll study art Movements and how they relate to the rest of the world as well as other disciplines. 





    -         Appreciate the value of personal expression in a student’s own work as well as the work of their peers.


    • Evaluate and Interpret work of art.


    • Recognize the relationships between art, artists and the culture the art represents or reflects.


    • Associate artists and art works with major art eras and/or styles.


    • Understand traditional and contemporary career opportunities within the visual arts.


    • Learn to Solve visual problems.


    • Develop a sense of informed aesthetic judgment.


    -         Learn basic fundamentals and techniques of producing art pieces


    Student Responsibilities



    The Idea Book

    Every student will be required to purchase and bring an idea book to class.  The idea book is a notebook that will have a number of functions.  It will serve as a journal to house reflective and critical writing, notes, brainstorms, or prewriting for research.  I'd recommend a spiral notebook and folder with pockets.  This will be checked.



      Sketchbook    All students will need to purchase a sketchbook.  A large portion of class assessment will be based on ideas, research, and planning.  Sometimes some of an artist's most successful work is in her or his sketchbook.


       Tools             You will need a set of Drawing Pencils and Erasers. These should be brought to class every day.


    Portfolio Case  (12X14)


    Art Studio Code of Conduct


    -         Take Responsibility for the room, your actions, and what you say.

    -         Be Respectful of yourself, your teachers, others, and property.

    -         Always be Cooperative with teachers and classmates.

    -          Be Understanding of others' thoughts, beliefs and ideas.


    Assessment and Grading


    You will be assessed by Mr. Perna, your peers, as well as yourself. Projects are generally graded using rubrics and by the interpretations and reflections you write about what you did.  You'll also be graded on your journal entries, assessment sheets, Portfolio, technical execution, tests and quizzes, as well as research and planning.  Late work is accepted, but with deduction of credit.  The standard will be 10% each class meeting that the student is in attendance of school. (This may be altered for specific Assignments)  A final examination will account for 20% of the final grade.