Academy of Visual Arts - AN Exciting Beginning

  • AVA Drawing and Painting is a full year, enriched course that allows you to study Art Appreciation, drawing and painting techniques and processes, within our community, as well as Art History. We’ll discuss many traditional as well as contemporary themes, ideas, and concepts in the visual arts and how they relate to criticism and aesthetic ideas. We'll also continue to study artists and art movements and their relationship to the rest of the world as well as development of your personal style as a young, emerging artist. 



    -          Reach into the community and learn to become advocates of visual art.

    -          Publicly display works both group and individual at the local and national level.

    -          Work in conjunction with other arts groups to produce collaborative exhibitions.

    -          Appreciate the value of personal expression in a student’s own work as well as the work of their peers through both public display and critique.

    -          Evaluate works of art and artifacts, and interpret their meaning in terms of the cultures that produced them.

    -          Associate artists and art works with major art eras and/or styles and demonstrate an understanding of art criticism, art histories, and aesthetic principles.

    -          Participate in the arts attending exhibition openings and gallery visitations.

    -          Understand traditional and contemporary career opportunities within the visual arts.

    -          Produce original art pieces that demonstrate a strong understanding of drawing and painting techniques, principles of design, color theory, and development of style..


    *            Develop portfolios that have researched a theme in-depth and successfully puts that theme into visual form. Recognize the relationships between art, artists and the culture the art represents or reflects and present a body of work within a portfolio that reflects the influences of variety of cultural styles