Hilbert essay-Días escolares

  • During the years that you have spent in high school, you have obviously had some very positive experiences and you have also had some that were not very positive or quite possibly quite negative. In a well organized essay of at least 200 words, tell in your opinion what was one of the best experiences or events and why. You might want to tell whether this experience occurred in class or outside of class. For the opposite point of view select a not so positive experience and treat it in a similar fashion. Give enough details in your essay so that the reader can empathize with you and almost see this experience through your eyes.

    Your essay must have a MINIMUM of 200 words and meet the standards of the Spanish 5 rubric for task completion (amount of details given), organization (smooth transitions; clear beginning, middle and end; paragraphs separating main ideas), richness and accuracy of vocabulary, and the accuracy of spelling and grammatical structures.