English 3 Enriched Course Outline



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    Welcome back to East!  We have a very large task this year, getting ready for the Regents Exam.  Hopefully you have been preparing since you entered high school, therefore we will spend this year polishing many skills that you already possess. 

    You will be expected to express yourself orally and in writing as well as improving your critical thinking, interpersonal and problem solving skills.


    Course updates and homework assignments will be on my school webpage.  Go to www.wscschools.org.  Follow the prompts for teacher pages.  You can also access it directly: /webpages/EBELL/


    Bell’s Code of Conduct


    In order for everyone to have a successful year, there is a code of conduct that every student and I will follow from September to June.

    v  Be respectful:

    Throughout this course you will be asked to reflect, discuss, present, write, etc.  In order for each person in this room to accomplish these skills with success this must be a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing with others.   Therefore, when you walk through the door, I ask that you treat everyone (yourself, classmates, me, etc) with respect. 


    I also ask that you treat everything in the room with respect.  You have access to many resources …books, art supplies, computers, etc.  I expect you to treat them all as though you paid for them with your hard earned money.  What I have provided for your use is for everyone to share, therefore I encourage you to use caution when using classroom materials so that they are available for the next group of students.


    v  Be prepared:

    In order to get the most out of this course, you have to come prepared and ready to work and learn.  You will need several things for this to happen.


                Supplies: Please bring no later than

    -          A 1” three ring binder and five tabbed divider sheets with plenty of loose leaf paper

    -          A flash drive (thumb drive) to save electronic assignments ~ this can be used for multiple classes

    -          ONE of the following: a box of tissues, a pack of markers, or a pack of colored pencils to remain in the room for collective use



    To get an idea, homework will consist of reading and writing assignments, vocabulary, unit projects, and journal entries.  Work must be handed in on the due date. 

    If work is not completed by its due date, it can be submitted the very next day, with a 10% deduction.  If it is not completed until our next class session, it will only receive HALF CREDIT.  After that, it will not be accepted and the grade will be 0%.

    v  Be punctual:

    There is a 5 minute passing time between classes.  Therefore, I expect that by the time the bell rings everyone has entered the room, dropped his or her OWN clip, and begun the focus activity listed on the front board.



    I also ask you to be punctual with work/test make up after being absent.  The attendance policy states that when absent a form will be filled out for a student by an assigned “buddy” stating work missed.  Upon returning it is THE STUDENT’S responsibility to inquire about the form, read it, sign it, and have the work completed by the due date given on the form.  If the work is not completed by its due date the student will receive a 0% for the assignment.


    v  Be involved:

    For the 80 minutes that we are together, you are expected to be involved…paying attention and participating.  Your grade this year breaks down as follows:


    Evaluation: Students will be graded on several things including: tests, quizzes, homework, projects, writing tasks, participation and notebook. 


    Tests                  =     50%                  1st Quarter    = 20%

                            Quizzes              =     20%                   2ndQuarter   =  20%

                            Homework         =     20%                  3rd Quarter   = 20%

                            Participation      =       10%                 4th  Quarter  = 20%

                                                                                        Final Exam   = 20%


    As you may have noticed, participation is a grade in this class.  In order for us to truly get the most out of our writing and reading, we all need to participate whether it be individually, in a group, or in a whole class discussion/activity.


    Other “Good-To-Knows”


    o   Food and drinks are permitted in class.  However, if garbage is not cleaned up this rule will change.


    o   Electronic devices:

    Please keep cell phones out of reach and out of site unless given permission to use your phone for educational purposes.  If this is abused your phone will be taken and must be picked up after class for the first offense, the main office for all additional offenses.


    o   Plagiarism:

    Any work not created by YOU is plagiarized.  Please see MLA handbook in your agenda.  For your first offense, your assignment will be given a zero and the main office will be notified.  Any additional offenses will be handled by the school’s administration.




    I look forward to working with all of you this year!  I truly believe that we can have a wonderful year that encompasses fun and learning!  With A LOT of hard work and dedication you can all pass the Regents Exam and move on to your senior year with pride for a job well done.  I’d say good luck, but I know you won’t need it!