•            The Academy of Digital Media introduces students to the broad career opportunities in today's digital workforce and, in the process, equips them with the personal, analytical, technical and communications skills they need to thrive.


    Despite a volatile economy, information technology is everywhere, and the need for education to bridge the digital divide is more critical than ever. A study conducted by the Information Technology Association of America in April 2001 showed nearly half a million unfilled IT jobs in the U.S. - and a persistent "skills gap" that was keeping these positions from being filled. The Academy of Information Technology helps meet this need by preparing high school students for successful careers in information technology. Through their Academy experience, students gain an understanding of the connections that exist between their education and the workplace. Academy teachers and industry mentors provide students with the curriculum and guidance necessary for rewarding careers.  In particular, the Academy's focus on math and science emphasizes what's needed for a concentration in information technology.


    The Academy is supported by an Advisory Board which currently include the following companies, organizations and colleges:


    Dualex Office Products

    Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara

    Canisius College

    West Seneca Central Schools

    West Senior Counselor Liason

    Villa Maria College

    Fourth Media

    HSBC Bank

    Biels Microfilm

    TR Services, Inc.

    Evans National Bank

    Southgate Plaza


    Hilbert College


    InfoTech Niagara

    UB School of Management

    H. Joseph Sgroi & Associates

    Erie County Director of Information Support

    Bryant and Stratton


    Academy Course Sequence

    Three Year Program


    Ninth Grade

                Recruitment, application and selection of students-1/2 Unit

    Tenth Grade

                Career and Financial Management-1/2 Unit

                Intro to Information Technology/Computer Applications-1 Unit

    Eleventh Grade

                Internet and Web Page Design-1/2 Unit

                Logic for  Programming-1/2 Unit

                Digital Media-1/2 Unit

                BEEP-Business and Education Employability Portfolio -1/2 Unit

    Summer Internship – Paid-1 Unit

    Twelfth Grade

                 Gaming-1/2 Unit

                 Advanced Web Design-1/2 Unit

                Local College Course-3 College Credits

    Graduation – Certificate of Study:  Information Technology


    ECC Advanced Study Program

    All Information Technology students have the option of obtaining Advanced Study Credit for BEEP, Advanced Web Design, and Logic for Programming .  Academy students may also take advantage of a newly developed articulation agreement with ECC.