My Links

  • The following websites are available for further information on topics discussed in the Living Environment class.  To go to the links below requires leaving the district website.  The material below has not been reviewed or approved by the district. 

    Unity & Diversity
    link - description rating
    Cells Alive
    This site has graphic representations of animal cells and plant cells. It also had explanations of the different organelles.
    Sugars & lipids
    Nice graphics and text describing these two types of organic molecules.
    Human Anatomy Online
    Website with visuals and text of the different body organs.
    Genetic Continuity
    link - description rating
    Making a Karyotype
    Try making a karyotype using the chromosomes on this webpage.
    Genetic Science Learning Center
    Comprehensive site on various genetics topics.
    Cloning n Focus
    Various issues revolving around cloning.
    DNA Interactive
    Interactive site with tons of information on DNA and genetics. Requires Macromedia Flash or Shockwave to work.
    link - description rating
    Peppered Moth Simulation
    Excellent interactive site to simulate evolution of the peppered moth.
    Reproduction & Development
    link - description rating
    Stem Cells
    Comprehensive site discussing stem cells.
    Clone Mimi
    Go through the cloning process to clone the mouse Mimi.
    Dynamic Equilibrium
    link - description rating
    Medical Mysteries
    Interactive Site that revolves around disease and the immune system.
    Brief overview of how enzymes work with examples of digestion and synthesis reactions.
    The beginning of the page provides a good overview of photosynthesis. The information further down the page is too complex for the Living Environment class.
    Cellular Respiration
    Overview of cellular respiration related to photosynthesis.
    link - description rating
    Action Bioscience
    Huge resource for the latest articles related to biology. Different topics to choose from with various articles in each topic. Check it out to see what is new in biology!
    Biology Place
    Great for review of biology concepts. Click on Biocoach and then choose a topic or interest. Some information is beyond our class, but it is still a great resource.