Notebook Checks


    3 Ring binder requirements:

    1. Must have a complete table of contents for the study resources section and the activities section.

    2. Each page in the notebook must be numbered.

    3. All pages must be completed.

    4. Notebook must be brought to class and lab everyday.

    5. No power passes will be signed to go get the notebook.

    Grading of notebooks:

    Random notebook checks will take place throughout the marking period so be ready.

    1. Each page that is checked must be numbered.

    2. Each page must be listed in the table of contents.

    3. Each page must be in the correct place in the notebook according to the table of contents.

    4. Each page must be fully completed.

    The notebook check will be a 20 point notebook check grade. If any of the above requirements are not met no points are given for that notebook page.