A Little About Centra & Woj...

  • The Centra-Woj Team

    We have been privileged to teach with one another since September of 2000.  We have designed and co-taught English 1, 2, 3 courses with tremendous success. 


    Our Philosophy of Co-Teaching


    We believe that each student brings special and unique gifts to our class and it is our job as teachers to help them recognize their gifts, help them share their gifts with others, and work to their full potential. Students grow in an environment where they are able to take risks and we create a classroom where it is okay to do so. We recognize risks and reward those who are willing to share their ideas and thoughts.  Students learn that in our classroom that we are a “family,” and just like a family we support one another.  Students learn to respect themselves and others through individual and cooperative work in the classroom.

    We believe in setting high expectations for all.  Our belief in our students fosters in them an independence and a willingness to go above and beyond.  With individualized guidance to ensure success, anything is possible. We accomplish this by differentiating our instruction, our assignments, and the assessments we use to evaluate students.  It is paramount that each student be challenged appropriately in order to keep them interested and engaged, not bored or overwhelmed.  We have learned that “one size” does NOT fit all, and it is our responsibility, purpose, and our goal to make sure we are meeting each individual student’s varied needs.

    We believe that working together as co-teachers benefits our students in numerous ways.  Students should see a model of how adults cooperatively work together to create success. In order to be successful, we must truly be co-responsible. We must write lessons together and revise them together.  It is our goal that our students truly have two teachers.  It is essential that they see us both as their teachers. They must all be “our” students.  We must take great care to provide any classroom or testing modifications with the utmost discreetness so as not to draw attention to any student with accommodations.  We both must be well-versed in our students Individual Education Plans and both feel comfortable providing the accommodations required by those documents.  We believe in being co-responsible for everything and negotiating our way through any differences of opinion and resolving issues by keeping the best interests of our students in mind.  We believe that co-teaching benefits our students and ourselves by providing an environment where the students and the teachers are supported and receive the feedback necessary to be successful.



     Carrie Centra-Vella & Amanda Wojciechowski 

     Ms. Centra-Vella

    Career:  I started my career in education in the Clear Lake School District in Houston, Texas in 1989, where I taught Kindergarten and First grade for six years.  I moved back to Western New York to be near my family and began teaching at West Seneca East Senior High School in 1996.  I have been teaching Special Education/English Inclusion at the high school level since then.

    Education: I received my Bachelor of Arts in the Humanities at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.  After returning to New York, I attended D'Youville College where I received two Masters Degrees, one in Special Education, and one in Elementary Education.


    Mrs. Wojciechowski

    Career:I have spent my entire teaching career in the West Seneca Schools. I did my student teaching at West Middle and West Senior and then was hired as a teacher assistant for the East side of town. I worked with students at East Elementary, Middle, and High School for a little over a year until I was hired as a teacher at East Senior. I have been a full time English teacher at East Senior since 1999 and have taught English 1, 2, and 3.

    Education:I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in English Education from Buffalo State College in 1997 and a Master of Science Degree in Reading Education from Canisius College in 2002.

    More About Us:  We are wonderful friends outside the classroom also!!  Our favorite hobbies include reading, scrapbooking, and shopping for our children at Gymboree!!!  We think our friendship strengthens our teaching relationship. :0)