Intervention & Resource Room

  • The purpose of Intervention and Resource Room class is to work on your goals and objectives as stated on your IEP.  It is NOT a study hall.  Therefore, homework should be done at home.  If you have homework questions that arise, please see your content teacher FIRST for clarification, as he or she will have the most knowledge of the assignment.  However, if you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask me.  

    How to be successful in Resource Room/Intervention:

    • Respect yourself, the teacher, and others

    • Use appropriate language all the time

    • Understand your IEP

    • Advocate for yourself!

    • Know and understand your Goals, Objectives, Program Modifications, and Testing Accommodations 

    • Be prepared to learn strategies to meet your Goals and Objectives

    •WORK!! :0)