Spanish 2




    Course Description:

            1.         To help students develop the four skills of speaking,

                            listening, reading and writing that were introduced

                            in Spanish 1.

    2.                  To increase student’s awareness and appreciation of

     Hispanic culture in the world, our country, and our



                    Quarterly grades will be based on the following:

                                        Unit (etapa) tests                                50%

                                        Quizzes                                               25%

                                        Readings, writing, projects                 15%

                                        Homework, participation                    10%


            Homework will be given frequently. Most days, there will only be about 5 minutes of homework to do. I expect that it will be done. In addition, short quizzes will be given frequently-these should only take about 10-20 minutes over 2 days to study for.

    -                      Workbook/Note sheet assignments

    -                      Reading articles

    -                      Essays

    Required Materials:

                    1.         3 ring binder +loose leaf paper

    2.         Highlighter

    3.         Spanish/English dictionary (optional)








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