• Please view this page frequently to keep current on the class's daily agenda and homework assignments. Homework Policy: Homework is assigned almost every class. Homework must be turned in on time. Late homework will be assessed a 50% penalty and must be turned in the following day (NOT the following class day). Work will not be accepted two days (NOT classes) following the original due date. LONG TERM PAPERS AND PROJECTS MUST BE TURNED IN THE DAY THEY ARE DUE OR THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND THE STUDENT WILL RECEIVE A GRADE OF ZERO. PLEASE NOTE THAT LONG TERM PAPERS AND PROJECTS ARE COUNTED AS MAJOR GRADES: TESTS/PROJECTS AND ARE WEIGHTED AS 50% OF THE QUARTERLY GRADE WITH OTHER TESTS AND PROJECTS. It is extremely difficult to come back from taking a zero for a test/paper/project. Please plan to turn the paper in early so that in the worst case scenario, it is on time.

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