Grade 5

  • Puzzle Sites

    Here are a few sites for you to practice riddles and puzzle solving to prepare for our next escape room: 


    Jigsaw Puzzles

    Create a SNOTE


    Crack The Code




    The Wild Robot Breakout EDU 

    Hello Reader!! Roz is trying to escape her new life on the farm. Each team must solve their clue in order to figure out the code to open their lock. When all the locks are open, the class has solved the Breakout and can open the main box to help Roz escape!! Good Luck and try not to get hit with any annoying pinecones.  



    TEAM BONFIRE - Do not panic, it usually means no harm. It is loud and we have to go outside when we hear the _____ ______. Somewhere in the Library there is a MAP that tells us where to go. That is where you will find your next clue. 


    Build a Snowman Using Google Slides

    Open this link and log into Google Slides. Copy and paste the different designs to create your snowman. Write a description of your snowman in the box provided. 


    Thanksgiving Trivia!!

    Use the following link to take you to the Fact Monster website. Read the questions to see which article might have the answer. Answer all nine questions correctly to earn a prize. You may work with one other person or by yourself. One student logs into the computer and one student records the answers - SPELLING COUNTS! Good luck!! 

    Fact Monster: Thanksgiving


    Halloween Trivia!! 

    Use the Fact Monster website to answer the Halloween trivia questions on your sheet. Answer all eight correctly to earn a prize. You may work alone or in a group - if you work in a group, one student logs in to the computer and one student records the answers. Good Luck!! 


    Constellation Project

    Work with your group to select a constellation that you would like to use for your project. Use the websites listed below to research your constellation and answer the following questions: 

    1.) What is your constellation name? 

    2.) Where in the sky is it located and during what months/seasons can you view it in the Northern Hemisphere? 

    3.) Is there a story or legend based on your constellation? Explain it in your own words. 

    4.) How many major stars are in your constellation? 

    Record all of your answers in a Google Document. Include at least two pictures of your constellation. You will need to use several websites to find the answers. 


    Sea Sky

    Info Please


    Night Sky

    Constellation Names


    The Mystery of the Bloody Beagle 

    Work with your team to find out who stole the statue of the Bloody Beagle from Baneville Burying Ground. Hint: there may be more than one suspect who is not telling the truth! Use the following resources: 

    Fact Monster:


    Google Maps:

    Word Central:

    You may also use Google Maps or the dictionaries in the Library. 



     Easter Trivia

    Answer NINE questions correct to earn a prize! 


     Roald Dahl Project: 

    You will work with a partner to create a book trailer for a Roald Dahl book. Excellent trailers will be shown at Family Literacy Night this year! You may choose to work with a partner or alone. Please begin looking at the following website to get some ideas: 

    Biography (start with this site)

    Roald Dahl books:


    Allendale Science Day!! 

    Here are some resources for the Science Day: 









    Typing Lessons:

    Start with Lesson 1: F and J Keys

    Your goal is 15 words per minute.


    Free Rice:

    Login: allendalefreerice

    Password: allendalerice


    Macys Letters to Santa:



    The Watsons Go to Birmingham

    Today you will be using several different websites to research the cost of living in 1963 - the setting of The Watsons Go to Birmingham. You may need to use more than one of the following sites to find your answers:

    Project 1: Mystery Book Word Cloud 


    Username: allendaleLMC

    Password: ilovebooks



    The Mystery of the Holiday Heist

    Work with your team to find out who stole Pretentious Pines Annual Holiday Dinner. Hint: there may be more than one suspect who is not telling the truth!! Don't can always use the print resources we have in the library as well as the computers.

    Encyclopedia and Almanacs:

    Fact Monster:

    Information Please:


    Merriam-Webster Online:

    Word Central:

    Biographical Dictionary:

    Foreign Language Dictionary:



    Website Evaluation, Part I:

    Pretend you are doing an Animal Research project. You search on Google for "octopus" and come up with the Save the Endangered Northwest Tree Octopus website. Now you are ready to start taking down your research. Click on the link to go the Save the Northwest Tree Octopus website: Explore the website to answer the questions on the blue sheet. What conclusions have you come to about the validity of the site? What are your thoughts or concerns about using this site for research?


    Website Evaluation, Part II:

    Now that we have learned how to examine and evaluate a website for accurate, quality information, it is time for you to examine two websites. Fill out the worksheet using one side for the first website and one side for the second. Remember the 5 W's of Website Evaluation! 

    Website 1: The Burmese Mountain Dog Club of America



    Topic 2: Fascinating Facts about Dogs


    PART THREE: Click on the link below to access the Website Evaluation "Test Before You Trust" worksheet. On a separate sheet of paper number 1 - 30 on both sides. Record your answers for EACH website on your paper. When you are done, figure out if your website can be trusted and used for research.



    Book Trailer Project:

    Use to create a two-minute long "commercial" about your book. Remember - the point of the book trailer is get other students interested in reading the book you selected.


    Password: ilovebooks

    You may only take pictures/videos from Animoto and the following websites:

  username: wscsd-ae01  password: wscsd