6B Communication Page - Mrs. Adamski, Mrs. Castiglione, Mrs. Klavoon, Mrs. Purdy, Mrs. Tronolone

  • Welcome Team 6B! 

    This is your homework website, and it will include team and school announcements. 

    Each core teacher will post their homework assignments below...

    Team 6B Bell Schedule

    Picture Day: More details will be out closer to the picture days. 

    March 1st: Cohort A in the gym- 8:30-2:30

    March 2nd: Cohort F (Fully Remote) in the gym - 2:30-5:30

    March 4th: Cohort B in the gym - 8:30-2:30

    **Reminder: Kids are not allowed to wear gaitor masks, per health department guidelines.  


    M: No school

    T:  No Homework

    W: 13.2 Guided Noted Google form (started in class, finish for HW)




    M: No School 

    T: Periods 1, 2, 4 and 8: 

           Page 140 #'s 8 and 9 NO POW

    Quiz Wednesday on Order of operations. 

    Period 5:  POW #13

    W: Periods 1, 2, 4 and 8 no new homework, but you must finish the jamboard "order of opertions quiz"  for homwork 

    5th period Lesson 5 Exercise 4 and 5 Finish on your own

     POW #13 is also due Friday!

    Th: Periods 1:  5 questions from notes

           Period 2, 4 and 8:  Finish practice question from notes. 

    Period 5 POW #13 no additional questions. 


    F: Periods 1 and 2 had questions from the workbook to finish- you wrote it in your planner. 



    Cohort A: RACCE due Wednesday 

    Cohort B/Fully Remote: RACCE due Wednesday


    Cohort A: RACCE due Wednesday

    Cohort B/Fully Remote: RACCE due Wednesday


    Cohort A: Atoms 3.8 due Wednesday 1/27

    Cohort B/Fully Remote: Atoms 3.8 due Wednesday 1/27



    Cohort A: Atoms 3.8 due Wednesday 1/27

    Cohort A, B and Fully Remote: Atoms 3.8 due Wednesday 1/27



    Cohort A, B and Fully Remote: Atoms 3.8 due Wednesday 1/27


    Social Studies

    M: No school. Martin Luther King, Jr day

    T: Vocabulary quiz tomorrow.  Words are on page 2 in the Egypt section of your notebook.  Quizziz in classroom as study guide, review.

    W: No Homework

    Th: Unit Test on all of Egypt unit will be Wednesday, Jan 27.  

    F:  None assigned.  Review for test next week.



    M: No School

    Read for 30 minutes

    T: Finish highlighting the passage "Stranded in Wyoming".

    Read for 30 minutes

    W: Finish the plot diagram for the passage "Stranded in Wyoming".  Teacher notes are in google classroom.  

    Friday, January 22nd will be the last day I will accept any Map of the School Assignments. 

    Read for 30 minutes

    Th: Finish highlighting for "The Unforgettable Hike"

    Complete any late work: Map of the School Questions, Ayden's Day at the Lake and Stranded in Wyoming 

    Read for 30 minutes



    Read for 30 minutes







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