6B Homework Page - Mrs.Adamski, Ms. Aigner, Mrs. Purdy, Mrs. Klavoon, Mrs. Waite


     It's the time of year, when some of your child's supplies may have run out, especially pencils! 

    If possible, please replenish any supplies that your child may need.

    READING-Mrs. Adamski
    *Read at least 30 minutes daily*  
    ** Fill out Reading Log Daily**
    M--Log reading
    T- Log reading
    W- Lightning Thief: read chapter 7 and complete discussion questions
    Th- Lightning Thief: read chapter 8 and complete discussion questions
    F- Lightning Thief: Read chapter 9 and complete discussion questions.  Chapter 5-9 quiz will be on Wednesday


    ENGLISH-Ms. Aigner
    M - Slide project due tomorrow
    T - Your and You're homophones pp 6 and 7
    W- Homophones to/two/too packet: pp3 and 4
    Th- Homopone to/two/too if you did not finish it from Wednesday
    MATH-Mrs. Purdy (I will no longer be using Remind)
    M - Equation worksheet 1-9
    T - Practice C:3-6
    W-practice B:1-6
    Th- Mixed equation sheet directions vary by class
    F- quiz Monday on solving equations...                         binder check scanvenger hunt ( 4 questions)
    SCIENCE-Mrs. Klavoon
    M - Quiz on Friday
    T - Study guide due Thurs.
    W-see above Lunch and after school review Thursday
    Th- Quiz tomorrow
    SOCIAL STUDIES- Mrs. Waite
    M - Mythological monster project due tomorrow.
    T - Ancient Greece unit test on Monday, March 25th. Students received their study guides today.
    W- Questions 1-10 on sheet that goes with week 11 newsletter. 
    Th-study for Ancient Greece test
    F- see above. I will also be collecting the assignment that was given out Wednesday on Monday.

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