6B Homework Page - Mrs. Adamski, Mrs. Castiglione, Mrs. Klavoon, Mrs. Purdy, Mrs. Tronolone


    On the West Middle Mid-Term Exam schedule, Reading 6 was listed for January 15-16th.  There will be no Reading 6 Midterm. Please disregard the Reading 6 Midterm.  
    Midterm Schedule:
    Social Studies 6: January 23-24
    Science 6: January 27-28
    Math 6: February 6
    READING - Mrs. Adamski
    Mon. - read and log
               Review chapters 1-4 vocabulary NTS
    Tues. - read and log Chapter 3-4 Quiz - review discussion questions, vocab and conflict
    Wed.- read and log
    Thurs. - read log
    Complete Chapter 5 discussion questions: This will be collected and graded.  Make sure you answer the questions using a complete sentence and provide page numbers. 
    Fri. - Read and log
    Read chapter 6 and 7 complete discussion questions for chapter 6 (complete sentences and page numbers)
    ENGLISH - Mrs. Tronolone
    Mon. - Midterm tomorrow- continued
    Tues. - none
    Wed. - bring your social studies or science study guide tomorrow
    Thurs. - none
    Fri.- none

    MATH - Mrs. Purdy

    POW # 11 due Wed. for corrections

    Mon. Find % of a Number matching sheet    ( letter g should read: 150.35)

    Tues. - Reteach 14-6 #'s 2 and 3 period 1

                 Practice 14-6  #'s 5-8 periods 2, 4 and 9

                 Practice 14-6 #'s 5-10

    Wed.- Quest ( test on Unit 4) finsh sheet started in class POW #11

    Thurs. - Test tomorrow on unit 4 - finish study guide POW # 11 must be handed in tomorrow



    SOCIAL STUDIES - Mrs. Castiglione
    Mon. - DOW due Friday
                Egypt Test - Friday
                Final typed copy of character biography due Thursday. 
    Tues. - DOW due Friday, Egypt Test Friday Study Guide due Wednesday except P5 due Thursday

    Wed. - Egypt test Friday, typed character biography tomorrow

    Thurs,-  Egypt Test tomorrow ; DOW Due tomorrow

    Fri: Colored 3X5 Index cards with Marketplace picture activity.   Due Tuesday.

    Extra Credit: All due on Tuesday:  Social Studies Weeklies #6 and #7

                                                              Make A Mummy - Internet sheet (pg 15) in your binder

    Midterm Study Guide was given out in class today as well as an online guide in Google classroom.

    SCIENCE - Mrs. Klavoon
    Mon. -study guide due next Tuesday- binder scavenger hunt 1/17
    Tues. - study guide 

    Wed. - study guide

    Thurs. - Scavenger Hunt tomorrow- study guide for midterm due Tuesday 

    Fri. - study guide due Tuesday


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