6B Homework Page - Mrs.Adamski, Ms. Aigner, Mrs. Purdy, Mrs. Klavoon, Mrs. Waite

    READING-Mrs. Adamski
    *reading midterm Wed. Jan 9th and 10th
    *Read at least 30 minutes daily*  
    ** Fill out Reading Log Daily**
    ***Quarter 2 Book Evaluations Due by Jan 24th
    M- Log reading. Evaluations due next week Thursday.
    T- Log reading. Finish A Home in the Heavens questions #1-5
    W-Log reading
    Th-Log reading
    ENGLISH-Ms. Aigner
    M- Figurative language packet Page 11
    T-Figurative language packet Pages 12 amd 13
    W- Fig. lang. packet 14
    Th-See above
    MATH-Mrs. Purdy
    M- POW 1 and  % test on Fri. 
    T- Take home % quiz
    W- Finish chart
    Th- Study for test
    SCIENCE-Mrs. Klavoon
    M- Study for midterm and lunch review tomorrow. Sign up in class.
    T- Continue studying for midterm
    W- See above
    Th-See above
    SOCIAL STUDIES- Mrs. Waite
    M- Chinese New Year Activity Sheet (for fun only)
    T- none
    W- True /false sheet about civil sevice.  Hi-lite evidence from the passage.
    Th- none

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