•  "Mrs. Schunk, I wasn't here yesterday.  What did we do?"

    There are times when you will not be able to attend art class.  Lucky for you, there is a way to find out what you missed without disrupting the entire class.  Please keep in mind that much of the work we do is completed during class time.  Therefore, you may have to make arrangements to make up work after school, during a study hall or complete missed work at home. 

    Follow these steps:

    1. If you are feeling well enough, you may check the "Calendar" from home.  If you are unable to check from home, the calendar is on view daily as you enter class.  You are responsible for reading the agenda daily, as well as the agenda from any days missed. 
    2. Talk to two students for clarification of the agenda.
    3. See me if you still have questions.
    4. Complete any work listed.  If there are any worksheets or papers needed to complete the assignment, they will be available in the "extra handouts" bin located next to the door.
    5. Remember to place any work due the day you were absent in the "late/absent" box located next to my desk. Please label it with "absent" at the top so I know it is not late. 


    Remember, you are responsible for making up all missed work within a reasonable amount of time.