Expectations & Discipline Plan



    • Students are expected to work to the best of their ability.
    • Students should come to class prepared and ready to work.
        Materials needed for class include:
          *a pencil
          *an eraser
          *a spiral sketchbook (9x12 or 8.5x11) with drawing paper; no newsprint paper
    • Students are given an opportunity to make up incomplete work.  A time should be arranged with the teacher.
    • Follow rules.  See below. 

    Classroom Rules

    A. Be Appropriate. Follow directions. Adjust your voice level to suit the activity.  Do not touch anyone else with your hands, your feet or any object. Do not throw objects. Do not curse.
    R. Be Respectful. Respect the people, equipment, and furnishings of the room.
    T. Get it Together! Be prepared. Have all appropriate materials and supplies at your desk and be seated at the beginning of the period.

    Students and parents are provided with this classroom discipline plan.  For the good of the learning environment, students are expected to honor it while in the art room.    Parental support with these expectations is greatly appreciated.        

    If You Choose to Break a Rule
    Consequences may include:

    • Loss of points for class responsibility* & participation grade
    • Seat relocation
    • Class detention
    • Parental contact
    • Office referral/detention 

    *Class responsibility grade determines class reward

    Rewards may include:

    • Praise (daily)
    • “Art cards” worth 5 homework points (random)
    • Class radio time
    • Free ice cream treats
    • Reward time
    • Various other positive perks throughout the semester
    • The joy of learning