Homework Policy


    Everyone forgets sometimes.  Forgetting your homework once or twice is understandable.  More than once or twice, however, and it becomes a problem.  For this reason, I have instituted the following late homework policy:

    • You will be given until the next art class to turn in late work for full credit.  I will indicate that it is late in the gradebook, however, late points will not be deducted.
    • Work turned in after the "next art class" will receive a "0."  No partial credit will be given.
    • Please note: some assignments must be turned in on the due date, because it is needed for you to progress in class. These assignments will receive a "0" if not completed on the due date.

    Please understand that you are given an assignment for homework to reinforce what is being learned in class.  Homework allows you time to practice and progress. I will never assign anything just to keep you busy.  You are busy enough!  Whatever you are given needs to be taken seriously.