West Middle Summer Reading Program

  • Summer Reading Program

    We are inviting each student at West Middle to participate

    in our summer reading program. Follow the instructions below to set

    a reading goal and challenge yourself to meet or exceed that goal.

    Then, bring in your materials at the beginning of next school year

    to receive a special treat for reaching your goal. Good luck!









    1.     Create a reading goal How many hours this summer do you think you can spend reading? Talk your goal over with an adult and then write it down on the postcard. Mail your postcard in by July 10th.


    2.     Keep track of how much time you read Don’t just limit yourself to books. Magazines and newspapers can count, too. Every time you read, fill out the Reading Tracker. You’ll need to write the date, the title, the number of pages you read, and how much time you spent reading. Don’t forget to have an adult initial the form to say that they witnessed you reading. 


    3.     Have fun! Use the suggested reading list provided to give you some ideas of the types of stories that you might like to read. Don’t just limit yourself to this list, though. Find something that interests you. Who knows, you might find a genre that you didn’t know you liked.


    4.     Complete the book projects When you’ve finished a book, pick ONE of the projects on the list provided. Use creativity and your knowledge of the book to do your best job.  Keep the projects somewhere safe so they don’t get lost or damaged over the summer. Remember, you’ll need to pick a different project for each book that you read.


    5.     Bring your materials back to school

    In September, you’ll need to bring in your projects and your Reading Tracker. Make sure that your name is on everything so you get credit for all of the hard work you did. If you’ve met or exceeded your goal, a special treat will be in store for you!

    Please download the reading tracker form from this Web page.  You will use this form to keep track of all of your summer reading.  Don't forget to have your parent sign off on your form.  Keep this log and your summer project together and in a safe place. Turn everything in when you return in September.

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