Math 8

  • Math 8

    Math 8 follows the Common Core State standards.  The areas of focus are listed below.

    Unit 1 - Integer exponents, Laws of Exponents and scientific notation
    Unit 2 - Solving linear equations and applications
    Unit 3 - Linear relationships, slope, and y-intercept
    Unit 4 - Systems of linear equations and applications
    Unit 5 - Functions
    Unit 6 - Transformational geometry (Rigid motions and dilations/similarity)
    Unit 7 - Geometry of parallel lines and triangles
    Unit 8 - Bivariate Data, Scatter plots, and two-way data tables
    Unit 9 - Volume of spheres, cylinders, and cones
    Unit 10 - Rational/Irrational numbers, square, and cube roots
    Unit 11 - Pythagorean Theorem

    The NYS common core math assessment is in late April and assess units 1 through 9.

    Units 10 and 11 are covered after the assessment and will be included in the district final exam in June.





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