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  • 3/31-4/3

    Good morning! I hope everyone is settling in to their new routines. Here at the Pritchard home, things a fairly normal except that Dad is home. My wife has been homeschooling our kids for years, but I am helping these days… imagine having an 8th grade science teacher working with you all the time?!? Ugh.

    At this time, I still have not heard from some of your friends… PLEASE spread the word and have them check in with me if they haven’t yet.

    Parents and students: please understand that the work I am assigning is meant to help you stay in “school mode” only. I can NOT grade these assignments but PLEASE continue to do your best and keep your materials organized in one place and in order. This may become very useful when we get back together. The key point here is DON’T STRESS. All we can do is our best.

    If you can not print the materials I send, answer them on paper. If there is some reason you can not do the work at all, please contact me via email or blog comments so we can work around any issues.

    I know a lot of people are using FaceTime, Duo, Zoom etc. to stay in contact. I highly encourage you to work with your friends in this way (and give your parents a break!)


     March 21-23, 2020


    Dear students and parents,

         Greetings from the Pritchard family! We hope you are all healthy and comfortable at this time.  While we cannot be together, we can still interact in new and creative ways. I’m sure you are encountering a variety of approaches from your teachers.  Please do not stress - everything will work itself out. When it comes to 8th grade science, I’m going to try to keep things low key, fun and interactive.  Hopefully we can all learn along the way.


         Here is my plan, I hope you’ll play along:  you and I are going to create a journal/portfolio over the next few weeks. We will include what is going on in our lives, in the world outside, and also some science.  This can take any format you wish; spiral notebook or paper pad, typed document, google doc, PowerPoint… feel free to be creative. Share your ideas with me and others.  I will regularly share my journal with you. Remember, there is no pressure and I am not grading this. It is mainly a way for us to stay connected and active. But PLEASE play along… Hopefully we will come together someday soon in Room 802 and we will be able to show each other what we’ve accomplished!


          General guidelines: each day, copy down the information or questions I provide, then answer, comment or create your responses.  It is important to copy what I provide and not just write down your answers.


    Day 1:

         Life is different in many ways right now.  Describe your current life in the following ways:

    1)What are you doing during the time you would normally be at school? (Dot-jot and be detailed!)


    2)What things are you not able to do that you would normally be doing?


    3)What things do you miss about normal life?


    4)What things are you gaining during this time?


    5)Get creative: draw a picture, write a poem or short story (make a brief video?!?) about your current situation.


    Comments should be “on.”

    Please comment your answers to the above questions NAME FIRST.

    Remember to “THINK” before you post… Is it Thoughtful, Honest, Important, Necessary and Kind?




8A Science

  • 6/8/16

    Posted by on 6/8/2016 1:55:00 PM
    As we discussed today in class, tomorrow I will be absent to grade State exams.  Students will be working on review materials that mirror the Science 8 District Final Exam on Wednesday, June 22nd.
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  • 6/9/16

    Posted by on 6/8/2016 1:55:00 PM
    imageI'm absent today - have fun reviewing!
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