Earth Science 18-19

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    The current assignment:  This is a new topic - Astronomy... don't freak out.  This is the exact assignment I use every year to introduce the topic.  You've got this!!! 


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    4/9 - Click here for the ESRT page 5 Key.  If you are wondering about question #90, you can read up on this in your Review Book, pages 65-70 (specifically pages 68-69).  Take care!


    4/7 Update:  Hi - I hope everyone is doing well.  If you have not already heard, NYS Regents Exams are cancelled.  We are expecting information tomorrow (4/8) regarding how we will grade report cards for Quarter 3 and Quarter 4.  I will keep you updated with that info and anything else I learn as soon as I can.  

    I know that a few questions on page 4 were tricky and/or we hadn't covered that material.  Anyway, click here for the key!

    As always, let me know if there is any questions you have or other ways I can help you and TAKE CARE!



    3/31 - here is a link that will take you to a page all about Geologic History including Relative Age (a name such as “Silurian”) and Absolute Age (a number such as 443-416 million years ago or mya).  These names and dates can be found on page 8 of the ESRT for cross referencing with page 3 of the ESRT.

    I’ll link a PowerPoint here when I can access it.

    Page 1 answer key: click here  please check your work and continue with the packet.  I will post the Page 2 answer key tomorrow.  Take care!

    Page 2 answer key:  Click here - let me know if you cannot view this. Please use blog comments or email me directly.  Thanks and take care!

    Page 3 answer key: Click here





    Good morning Earth Science students! Click here to download a packet I’d like you to begin working on. You may remember we started this packet a while back. You will need your reference tables (can be found in your Review Book or online). Let’s do 1 page per day over the next week. I will post an answer key every day next week until it is finished. If you have questions, go to the Blog of my teacher site and leave a comment. Your comments will be invisible unless I approve and publish them so don’t be shy! Always comment with your name first.


    Regents Earth Science Minerals and Rocks Review Answer Key       Click Here


    Some helpful information to study for the Rocks and Minerals Test - Click Here



     Interactive Rocks and minerals test (with hints and answers) Click Here



    A useful study guide for the Rocks and Minerals - Click Here...  And Here Fill in the blanks and then check with me for the answer key!

    Helpful websites:

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