Adopt An Element - Resources for completing the Adopt an Element Project



    1.  Check out the link below and choose any element you wish from the periodic table:

    2.  Use any of the following resources to complete your fact sheet:

    3.  Research the uses of your element and come up with a slogan/advertisement you could use to market and sell your product.

    4.  Produce your advertisement as a Word document.  All items on your advert must appear exactly as they do on the sample (Arsenic.)  Add at least two pictures to your project for full credit in the "Slogan and pictures relevant" category.  See the link in the left menu bar for help with placing your pictures.

    5.  Have at least two students evaluate your advertisement.

    6.  NO PRINTING... Email me your final product at:

    7.  If you lose the project packet, you can print a new one at:

    9. At ANY time... Go to The username and password are both: wstmiddle.

    Watch the Periodic Table video and complete the BrainPoP Activity in your packet.