Anti-Bullying Presentation

  • This power point presentation was created by a 7B student at West Middle School in conjunction with our Take Action Against Bullying program.  She took the initiative to create this presentation on her own time because bullying prevention is a topic in which she is passionate.  The emphasis of her work parallels the school initiative to empower students to have a voice and take a stance against bullying.  She presented her work to all of team 7B and teachers, and we here at West Middle are proud of her accomplishments and directive to create a piece which reflects what we all stand for against such a sensitive issue.

    Scroll down and click on "My Thoughts About Bullying" to view the presentation.

    The following is the West Middle School Take ACTION pledge:

    As students at West Seneca West Middle School, I agree to join with my peers to promote a better school environment for all.

    I believe that EVERYONE should enjoy our school equally, and feel safe, secure, and accepted.

    I pledge to take action and to...

    Appreciate the uniqueness of every individual.  I will appreciate and respect whatever differences I see.

    Communicate positively with everyone I encounter.  I will communicate that West Middle students treat everyone respectfully, by my actions and words.  I will also communicate and report any instances of harassment or bullying I witness.

    Trust that other students will treat me with kindness and courtesy.  I will also trust that someone else will take action if I ask for help or report an incident.

    Intervene when I see others being treated in a way that might make them scared, sad, or uncomfortable.

    Own my own actions and take ownership for my school community.  My actions can make a difference!  I will be helpful, positive, and responsible.

    Notify someone who can help if I have any doubts about what to do to help my fellow students.

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