2013-2014 Winning Entries

  • September 2013

    9/9 - 9/13   "As rough as waking up on a Monday morning."

    9/16 - 9/20   "To eat like a sumo wrestler right before a big match."

    9/23 - 9/27   "As crazy as a child on Halloween night, stuffing his face with pixie sticks."

    9/30 - 10/4   "To speak like Martin Luther King during his 'I Have a Dream' speech."

    October 2013

    10/7 - 10/11  "As far-fetched as a girl's chance at meeting Harry Styles."

    10/15 - 10/18  "To exaggerate like Taylor Swift in one of her break-up songs."

    10/21 - 10/25  "As secretive as a silent toot."

    10/28 - 11/1  "To think like an elderly person trying to use an iPhone."

    November 2013

    11/4-11/8 "As surprising as Mr. Kanick having a hair stylist."

    11/12-11/15   "To compete like parents running for the last iPhone on Black Friday."

    11/18-11/22   "As annoying as when people just stand in the middle of the hall while people are trying to walk."

    December 2013

    12/2 - 12/6   "To prepare like Buffalo getting ready for a snow storm."

    12/9 - 12/13  
    "As urgent as having to go to the bathroom when you're stuck in traffic."

    12/16 - 12/20   "To smile like the Grinch after his heart grew three sizes."

    January 2014

    1/8-1/31    "As strict as Mr. Kanick with the way he likes his desks pushed back.

    February 2014

    2/3 - 2/7  "To brag like Seahawks fans after winning the Super Bowl."

    2/10 - 2/14   "As loud as the next door neighbor's dog when you're trying to read."

    2/24 - 2/28   "To run like 9th period after the bell."

    March 2014

    3/3 - 3/7
    "As shocking as Mr. Kanick wearing a bald cap."

    3/10 - 3/14   "To cry like a soldier coming home to a family and meeting his son for the first time."

    3/17 - 3/21   "As important as your mom not reading every text you send to a girl."

    3/24 - 3/28   "To learn like you're taking singing lessons from Beyonce."

    3/31 - 4/4   As defiant as a teenager throwing a party after his/her parents are out of town and specifically said, 'No parties.'"

    April 2014

    4/8 - 4/12  "To dance like the Harlem Shake just came on."

    4/22 - 5/26   "As lazy as people who text short versions of words like r for are."

    May 2014

    5/5 - 5/9  "To cheer like a dad when he finds out his daughter doesn't like One Direction."

    5/12 - 5/16  "As useless as when you ask someone to remind you of something and two seconds later, they remind you."

    5/19 - 5/23   "To celebrate like Irish people on St. Patrick's Day."

    5/26 - 5/30  "As unexpected as when you go to the mall and see one of your teachers."