2014-2015 Winning Entries

  • September 2014

    9/8 - 9/12   "As rough as sandpaper toilet paper."

    9/15 - 9/19   "To eat like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson on a cheat day."

    9/22 - 9/26   "As crazy as trying to get on the subway in New York City."

    9/29 - 10/3   "To speak like someone who has six marshmallows in his/her mouth."

    October 2014

    10/6 - 10/10  "As far-fetched as Mr. Kanick bringing his lunch in on turkey slop day."

    10/14 - 10/17   "To exaggerate like when something happens once and you say it happened a million times."

    10/20 - 10/24   "As secretive as a teenager coming home at midnight."

    10/27 - 10-31  
    "To think like a cop when investigating a crime scene."

    November 2014

    11/3 - 11/7  "As surprising as your older sibling sneaking into your window in the middle of the night when he/she is supposed to be in bed."

    11/10 - 11/14   "To compete like Wile E Coyote trying to catch the Road Runner."

    December 2014

    12/1 - 12/5   "As annoying as someone stepping on the back of your shoe in the hallway."

    12/8 - 12/12   "To prepare like a student getting school supplies for a new school year."

    12/15 - 12/19   "As urgent as opening presents Christmas morning."

    January 2015

    1/5-1/23    "To smile like when you get your braces off."

    "As strict as your mom when you haven't done your chores in a week."

    February 2015

    2/2 - 2/6  "To brag like you made the winning interception at the Super Bowl."

    2/9 - 2/13   "As loud as a teenager blasting his music while driving down the road with his windows down."

    2/23 - 2/27  "To run like you're about to make the winning touchdown in the last ten seconds."

    March 2015

    3/2 - 3/6   "As shocking as getting 100% on a quiz you didn't study for."

    3/9 - 3/13    "To cry like your mom when you leave for college."

    3/16 - 3/20   "As important as saying 'well' when  Mr. Kanick asks how we are."

    3/23 - 3/27   "To learn like an eighty year old with an iPhone 6."

    3/30-4/10   "As defiant as someone saying 'I don't' at a wedding instead of 'I do.'"

    April 2015

    4/13-4/17   "To dance like someone playing Just Dance."

    4/20-4/24   "As lazy as two teenagers sitting next to each other, texting back and forth."

    4/20-4/24   "To cheer like that crazy mom cheering her son or daughter from the stands."

    May 2015

    5/4 - 5/8  "As useless as someone asking a questions they already know the answer to."

    5/11 - 5/15  
    "To celebrate like your birthday is on a leap year."

    5/18 - 5/22  
    "As unexpected as walking into a surprise party six months before your birthday."