2015-2016 Winning Entries

  • September 2015

    9/8 - 9/11   "As rough as the sea on a cold, stormy night."

    9/14 - 9/18    "To eat like a seventh grader getting home from school."

    9/21 - 9/25   "As crazy as a seventh grader who left her phone in her locker for the weekend."

    9/28 - 10/2    "To speak like Mr. Kanick after the bell rang."

    October 2015

    10/5 - 10/9  "As far-fetched as Mr. Kanick growing his hair back."

    10/13 - 10/16   "To exaggerate like someone from the Real Housewives when she really only stubbed her toe."

    10/19 - 10/23 
     "As secretive as finishing your homework while the teacher's collecting it."

    10/26 - 10/30   "To think like Mr. Kanick when he talks faster than his brain can process."

    November 2015

    11/2 - 11/6  "As surprising as Mr. Kanick growing his hair out and using improper grammar."

    11/9 - 11/13   "To compete like M. Kanick and Mr. Kean on a race to grow the most hair first."

    11/16 - 11/24  "As annoying as TV shows when they go to commercial right at the good part."

    11/30 - 12/4   "To prepare like a teacher on the day before the first day of school, when time is running out."  

    December 2015

    12/7 - 12/11   "As urgent as getting up at 5:00 AM on Christmas, bugging your parents."

    12/14 - 12/23   "To smile like you got a gift you don't like, but you don't want to be rude."

    January 2016

    1/4-1/22    "As strict as a father telling you to turn off the Disney Channel so he can watch the football game."

    1/25-1/29   "To brag like you just won the million dollar Power Ball."

    February 2016

    2/1 - 2/5   "As loud as the sixth graders coming down the hall after lunch."

    2/8 - 2/12   "To run like a kid running to the fridge when he gets home from school." 

    2/22 - 2/26  "As shocking as the sixth grader putting a paper clip in an outlet."

    2/29 - 3/4   "To cry like a seventh grader when she leaves her phone on the bus for the weekend." 

    March 2016

    3/7 - 3/11   "As important as getting your morning coffee and Lucky Charms."

    3/14 - 3/18   "To learn like a kid choosing to dye her hair neon yellow." 

    3/28 - 4/1   "As defiant as a teenager who wants to go to a party, but is grounded."

    April 2016

    4/4 - 4/8   "To dance a group of girls when their favorite song plays."

    4/11 - 4/15   "As lazy as students who don't write their name on their school work."  

    4/18 - 4/22   "To cheer like a student who gets into the college she wanted."

    4/25 - 4/29   "As useless as attempting to correct Mr. Kanick on his grammar." 

    May  2016

    5/2 - 5/6   "To celebrate like the Bills winning the Super Bowl." 

    5/9 - 5/13   "As unexpected as it snowing in the summer."

    5/16 - 5/20   "To trick like a third baseman when doing the hidden ball trick." 

    5/23 - 5/27   "As fascinating as the customers at Walmart."