Team Homework

  • Click on the days of the week below to view the homework for Team 7C classes. 

    In an effort to keep everyone informed and to teach students independence and responsibility, this information is to be used in conjunction with their own student planners and classroom announcements. 
    The Team 7C teachers will be updating the homework as appropriate. Please keep in mind that often times their free period during the day is spent helping students or preparing upcoming classwork. In addition, they may not know the exact homework until they have taught a class or two and know what the students had time to complete. This means that the homework may not be updated until the end of the day. 
    If you have a concern about the homework not being posted, please be considerate of these factors. 
    Again, please continue to write down assignments in your planners each class period. This digital snapshot of homework is simply meant to double check and not to be used INSTEAD of planners. 
    Remember...only team classes will be posted here. World languages and other subjects will be updated based on the individual teacher's policies.