• Welcome to my Math page! Parents, here you will find links to help you prepare your child for topics that we will be learning in math this year.  There are a lot of fun, yet educational links, that help to review some of the concepts that your child will be responsible for learning.

    Things you can do if you are struggling in math:

    1.If any student needs additional help, there are always opportunities to get more support.  Study hall time, whether with your homeroom teacher or with me, offers an additional 40 minutes to support students in all academic areas.  All team teachers are available to offer support in math during this time.

    2. Extra help from 2:15 to 2:55 is available for extra instruction with the 3:30 bus to take the students home.  Students will attend a homework assistance program between 2:55 and 3:30.

    3. Use the notes in the "Reteaching" section of your math notebook to complete homework assignments.  Homework assignments need to be done in math spirals or on loose leaf in order to show the mandatory work.

    4. Study a little bit each night before a math test and don't try to cram for it the night before.  I give a week's notice for each test and a study guide that needs to be completed.  Complete the study guide so that you can come to class prepared to ask questions.

    5. Ask for help!!!  Don't sit in class and do nothing if you are not sure what to do!  We are all good at some subjects and not so good at other subjects.  I am more than willing to help you but I can't read your mind.


    Access your math textbook online!