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    Home and Career Skills at West Middle

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    Attention Quarter 4 Home and Career Skills Students

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    Family and Consumer Sciences education empowers individuals and families across the lifespan

    to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society.

    The unique focus is on families, work, and their interrelationships.




    Grade 6:  Students are with me for 10 weeks which we break up into 2 - 5 week sections.


    We are beginning in the classroom portion of Home and Career Skills.  During this time the students will be participating in many learning activities that include:

    1.  Thinking about their future and where they might fit into the world of work -CTE
    2.   Nutrition
    3.   Intro to the culinary classroom

     In the second section we will be moving into the culinary classroom and are going to be working on beginning cooking skills.  It is intended through this experience that students will learn:


    1. Common kitchen utensils
    2. Measuring of ingredients
    3. Basic food preparation skills
    4. How to read and complete a recipe
    5. Common cooking and baking terms




    Grade 8:  Students are with me for 10 weeks which we break up into 2 - 5 week sections.


    The classroom section begins with the career awareness unit. This course of study allows students to recognize their strengths, interests and aptitudes as a possible connection to occupations that would fit them best.  We will also explore and learn about levels of education, needs vs. wants, career clusters, how to get a job, completing a job application and work place ethics. The major projects that will need to be completed during this unit are:

    1. Career Research project
    2. Future Smart/Everfi Budgeting and Personal Finance computer program


    The second section will be in the culinary classroom.  The Culinary Unit will continue to build on the skill learned in 6th and 7th grade.  The recipes we make this year are intended to challenge the students from what they did in previous years.  I am looking for them to be more self directed as they execute the recipes at the 8th grade level. We will be including the following topics:

    1. Use of new types of kitchen equipment
    2. Advanced preparation skills
    3. Food safety awareness
    4. Main course meals