Mrs. Mock's Website - Grade 6 Academic Intervention Teacher

  • Welcome to my West Middle website! Sixth grade is an exciting year filled with lots of fun and learning!

    In ELA, I teach the National Core Curriculum using focused small group instruction, guided reading instruction and first and second tier intervention for struggling students. Reading nightly for 30 minutes creates growth in reading fluency, accuracy, comprehension and interpretation.   In math, students learn about converting decimals to percents, percents to fractions, and fractions to decimals.  Students will be using their problem solving skills and will be introduced to algebra.  .

    With ever increasing standards and expectations for students, it is essential that students try their best at all times.  As sixth graders this year, there will be many great opportunities to show your leadership within the school.  With that leadership comes more responsibility for your homework and your behavior.  As a student it is your responsibility to be prepared to learn.  I know that you are up to meeting this challenge!