Mr. Glieco

  • Dear Parents/Guardians of West Seneca:
    "I shall strive to create a positive supportive learning environment and educational experience for all students and pledge to respect each of my students as a unique person, not a test score."
    Mr. Paul M. Glieco



    wse logo Monday, November 18th - Tuesday, November 19th,2019:


    Did Pocahontas rescue John Smith?  

    Students will use the following sources and tools to read and analyze multiple accounts and create an evidence-based argument about the likelihood of the rescue.  

    timeline of John Smith Source 1.1 Pocahontas gen history john smith

    Task 1.1:  "The Play by Play"  

    Directions:  According to Smith's General History of Virginia (above) students will record a "play-by-play" description of the facts in the passage.

    Task 1.2:  "Comparing Smith's Accounts"  Students will identify the different facts in Smith's two accounts of his captivity in the Venn Diagram below.



    Wednesday, November, 20th, 2019:


  • What are we studying?


    Our curriculum is based on the social studies framework set by the state of New York. 7th grade is the first half of a two-year course in American history.  Our goal is to get from Native Americans and the European exploration and colonization through to the causes of the Civil War.