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    "Young Cat if you keep your eyes open enough, oh the stuff you will learn the most wonderful stuff" ~ Dr Seuss.

    Welcome Kindergarten Friends.........

    2020-2021 and I can't wait to meet you. Although, this year is beginning very differently, WE are in this together and I look forward to creating a "family of Kindergarten friends".

    As information continues to roll out, I will do my best to keep you all up to date.

    You can go here to my google site 


     Be sure to log your child in to our Google Classroom


    (copy, cut, paste to be directed). If you have time you may want to view these helpful clips:




    You can email me  cdomster@wscschools.org at anytime with questions.  



    Here are some things you can do at home to help your child  as a soon to be

    "Kinder-kid" and support our classroom work.


    Read  out loud and often with your child 

    Ask plenty of questions when you read. "What do you see in the picture, who is in the story, where are they, what are they doing, do you like the story."

    Play eye spy with the pages


    Encourage them to notice patterns in words and text

     Rhyme, rhyme and rhyme some more, studies show rhyming knowledge is 1 of the best predictors to early reading success

    Visit the library (We are lucky to have a beautiful one, right on Losson Road  and the WS library is newly updated with great hours each day of the week)

    Look for words you know (Target, Wegmans, Cheerios)
    Count objects, add them and subtract them
    Sort Shapes and build with them
    Practice looking at letters and say the  sounds each letter makes


    Be a Kid - Get outside, run, explore, go on adventures, swim, hike, ride your bike, jump rope.
    (We forget just how important it is to get moving, it helps with learning)


    Helpful School "Stuff" 
    • Please dress for the weather in order to be prepared. It might be a good idea to keep an extra set of clothing for messy days.
    • It is hot in our school, we do not have AC please supply your child with a water bottle.
    • Sneakers......Everyday
    • Pack a small snack each day
    • Try to make them healthy snacks, sugar and learning do not mix
    • Always put important notes in your yellow folder, remind your child they have a note to give to me.

    Check out the parent info page and the internet for kids page on both of these pages. You will find great info and fun ways to work with our child.


    I try to update monthly so please check back and often.

    Click on the side bars to navigate the web.












Girl reading a book and thinking of flowers and a butterfly