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  • ¡Hola estudiantes!   

    I hope that you and your families are doing well during this uncertain time.

    *Please make sure that you have signed up for Google Classroom:

    Odd Block 2: bmhyrrp

    Odd Block 4: bzbep2a

    Even Block 1: jsam7rg

    Even Block 2: ijnhxkd

    Even Block 3: taps6rm

    *Please make sure that you have signed up for Remind. See below

    While we are home, you can check out my website to continue practicing and reinforcing your Spanish.  

    Check out the Vocabulary tab for all of our vocabulary lists and Quizlet practice under Español 3 or 4. Quizlet has games, flashcards, listening practice and even a test to practice vocabulary from all of our chapters. Soon, I will add more Quizlet links. This is a great opportunity to review and practice the vocabulary that we have covered all year long.

    The Grammar tab contains copies of our note packets (under Español 3 or 4). It is always good to review and practice!

    The Resources tab contains links to valuable websites and apps that allow for practicing vocabulary, verbs, listening comprehension, and more!

    I will be adding additional materials, readings with answer keys, etc. to give you a wide variety of practice. Check back with my website often!

    Need a fun, Spring-time, cultural activity to do? Make some cascarones! Scroll down for info!


    What else can you do to keep up with your Spanish?   

    *Try downloading some free apps like Duolingo. It’s always fun trying to learn another language!

    *Listen to some Spanish music.

    Keep practicing in any way you can. :-)

    Stay safe,

    Señora Negroni



    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Señora Negroni!

    This site will help you to stay organized, find valuable information, and provide the tools you need for success in Spanish! You will be able to access the following information:
        -Course syllabus
        -Daily agendas & homework assignments
        -Spanish Club & Honor Society information
        -Valuable resources &
    current foreign language news



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